Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife 5 Piece Set

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This stainless steel kitchen knife set is a great way to cover all your bases in food preparation. It consists of ultra sharp edges with ergonomically designed handles that provide a sure and easy grip even when wet

This "double metallic toned" five-piece knife set will have you cutting like the pros. These knives feature an ice-tempered stainless steel blade with precision cut sharpened cutting edge.

Material: Stainless Steel
Brand Name: XYJ
Knife Category: Chef Knife (8-inch), Slicing Knife (8-inch), Santoku Knife (7-inch), Utility Knife (5-inch), Fruit Knife (3.5-inch)
Knife Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Application: Cooking Preparation Tools: Slicing, Mincing, Chopping, Dicing, Filleting
Knife Handle Design: Straight Handle
Packaging: 5 Piece Set
Country Of Origin: China
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