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Peony Flowers & Glass Jar Vase - Artificial Floral Arrangement

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Peony Flowers in a jar vase, always in bloom with a fresh cut look. Available in light pink, light mauve, and white. Peonies grow natively in Asia and Europe but are also grown easily in North America and Australia in cooler areas. They are a beautiful flower that can frequently be seen in Asian art.

The flower symbolises riches, honour, and are associated with good fortune and a happy marriage. For this reason, the peony flower is the ideal flower for both home decor and wedding celebrations.

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Why Choose Artificial Floral Arrangements?

1. Cost-effective - Fresh flowers are expensive to replace and maintain. Purchase an artificial floral arrangement once and have it for years.

2. Durability - Fresh flowers wilt over time, shed petals, and eventually become unsightly. Artificial floral arrangements maintain the "just cut" look indefinitely.  

3. Low Maintenance - No need to constantly replace water, adjust the light or worry about humidity. These flowers arrive in full bloom and stay that way indefinitely. The only thing you need to worry about is a light dusting and wipe down every now and then.    

4. Hypoallergenic - If you're allergic to pollen, these flowers will never make your eyes water or tickle your nose.


  • Style: Artificial flowers for Living Room, Dining Room, or Kitchen
  • Type: Artificial Floral Arrangement + Jar Vase
  • Material: Plastic / Metal / Fabric
  • An ideal gift for friends.
  • Perfect for housewarming
  • Dimensions: 28x22x27cm
  • Package includes: Floral arrangement as depicted in the picture

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