Stovetop Coffee Maker & Espresso Percolator
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Stovetop Coffee Maker & Espresso Percolator

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  • Whether you begin your morning routine with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or finish your day with coffee and dessert, how you brew it matters.
  •  No matter what time of the day you choose to brew, this Stove-top coffee percolator can help you perfect your classic cup of espresso.
  • It's available in 4 sizes and can serve up to 9 people. 


  • Stovetop Espresso Coffee Percolator 
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Brew For 2 people 100ml / 11cm x 10cm x 15.4cm 
  • Brew For 4 people 200ml / 12.6cm x 10.8cm x 17.3cm 
  • Brew For 6 people 300ml /  13.2cm x 12cm x 19.4cm 
  • Brew For 9 people 450ml: 14.6cm x 13.1cm x 21.9cm
  • Package includes: 1 x Coffee Pot

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