5 Reasons to Replace Your Cookware This Month

Stephen Jemison
09 Sep , 2018

As we get busy with our everyday lives, we begin to fall into a routine and neglect the resources we use on a daily basis. As the days turn into months, and the months turn into years, we use the same appliances and cookware in our kitchen without considering alternatives. However, using the same kitchenware over and over again can actually have health hazards, not to mention, ruin the final composition and taste of your food.


We know you’re busy. However, hear us out. Here are 5 reasons to replace your cookware this month:


  1. Germs:

Germs, microbes, and pathogens are crawling around your pots, pans, and cookware that haven’t been replaced in over one year. Although many microbes, natural bacteria, and pathogens can be good and healthy for our bodies, when they end up in the wrong places – like your sponge – for days at a time, they begin to fester and develop into germs that can be detrimental to our health. Especially for items that are used frequently, like cooking towels and sponges, they should be replaced monthly, if not weekly.


  1. Toxins:

Low-grade cooking pans and skillets made with cheap plastics and chemicals today have been proven to cause cancer if used past their initial intention. If you start to wear away at the plastic seal on the top of the pan, toxins are now pouring into the food you are cooking. Although you should always try and use stainless steel or iron for everything in your kitchen, these cheap pans need to be replaced every few months.


  1. Wood Pieces:

When we use cutting boards past their proper usage, pieces of wood can actually splinter off into the foods we are cutting. Although it would be extreme to have a piece of wood large enough to harm you in the food, it has still happened. If your boards look worn down, they need immediately replacing.


  1. Food Quality:

Do you care about the quality of the food you are cooking? If so, then you need to care about the tools and instruments you are using to prep it. Obviously worn down knives, boards, and pans are going to produce sub-par food by the time it’s all said and done.


  1. Presentation:

Lastly, do guests frequent your home? Do you host parties and gatherings from time to time? The presentation of your kitchen and what you have in it says a lot about you. Worn down, cracked pans and splintered cutting boards are not a good look for anyone. New cookware will give your kitchen an entirely new presentation.


Chef’s Quality

The good news is: replacing your kitchenware doesn’t have to be this big, time-consuming process. All you need is a few minutes and Internet access to sift through our top-grade, high quality selection on our website. We carry absolutely everything you need to stock your kitchen full of the right resources, made with stainless steel and iron for a toxin-less cooking experience.

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